Gitcoin Passport Showcase

This is a document that tracks all of the cool things built on Gitcoin Passport.

Gitcoin Maintained Properties

Passporthttps://passport.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Docshttps://docs.passport.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Scorerhttps://scorer.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Stakinghttps://www.staking.passport.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Passport Showcasehttps://showcase.passport.gitcoin.co (opens in a new tab)

Things built on passport

Built onWhenNameDescLink
PassportQ2 2023Passport Gated Airdrop ToolA forkable tool to allow anyone to airdrop a token gated by Gitcoin PassportGo (opens in a new tab)
PassportQ2 2023Grants-ETLa tool to make pulling data for anti sybil/collusion easier.Go (opens in a new tab)